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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Dear John H. Brown,
re your piece in TomDispatch
reminds me that everything is comparable, but not necessarily to enlightening effect. George Bush's paranoia and unloosed aggressiveness,permitted intrapsychically it appears by being of all things "born agin", andCho's hate are an instance of a fruitless comparison. I suspect that even if Cho had lived in a culture that only provided swords asmurder weapons he might have chosen those: unless too afraid, afraid of theviolence that he knew resided in him and which then was unloosed with malice aforethought.I certainly do not have the information to make me guess at the however complicatedset of reasons why Cho decided to kill, first his adviser, then a witness; andthen indiscriminately. However, the filming of himself and making sure that at the veryleast he would be paid attention to, posthumously, points to a very particular kindof narcissitic wound that I suspect may have been administered continously very early on in his childhood.The reasons may lie intra-uterine in is relationship with his mother, they may be genetic why he lacked all ability to empathize with his fellows. The word autism fellin connection with Cho, perhaps he was not only autistically painfully hyper-sensitive butalso autistic in the sense of being unable to empathize. That he was unable to integrate might have made him part of one of the invariable group of outsiders that the in/out syndrome produces. That does not appear to have been the case either.Appreciatively yours,

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


God's Gift to the Nation: G.W. Bush; G.W.'s gift to the Nation: 50 years of Iraq!
Below you will find a letter of mine addressed to my name cousin and colleague lee roloff, head of the local jungian clan who had sent me, via snail, a sketch by prof alan schnaiberg, northwestern u., speculating about president bush's NPD [narcissistic personality disorder]. I myself would add, and not under-estimate, that is I would emphasize the impetus of Bush's reaction formation to his once dissolute life, which - the "born-aginness" - I think hugely distorts his view of the world and his motivation.
michael roloff
Dear Lee,
Thanks for Alan Schnaiberg's evaluation of our president's narcissistic problem, his narcissistic personality disorder.[NPD]. I will make a JPEG of the Schnaiberg pages and send the images to you and interested parties.I would agree with most of the sketch: indeed, a difficulty with admitting to mistakes appears to be one feature of the syndrome - however, this is a family characteristic [though contradicted by the albeit mindless born-againness]: recall Bush pere, when a US missile sent an Iranian passenger airliner with about 250 human beings into the Persian Gulf, saying that the US never apologized for anything [Herbert Walker B.'s confusion between himself and the people of the country!]. The son learned about photo-ops from dear old Dad, too; and in Rove found a brilliant and brutal enabler for the safest mirroring on a grand scale. Whether the fraudulence of all of it ever matters? sinks in? Did it ever with any of the sun kings? It is said that the Crawford Kid has a higher IQ than Kerry, which may or may not be saying much or anything at all interesting if you lack the capacity for empathy or rather lack of it [say, the initial response to Katrina/ New Orleans, during the "fly-by"], except perhaps in the closest circles of buddies. The frat boy buddiedom is on the primitive sadistic nipping level what you find among no end of strivers, squash players and mountain bikers - do you find this beer drinking "affability" a mark of a high form of socialization?
As a president he was the cheapest of buys, at 100 million, for the moneyed class; and when the fix that was supposed to be in in Florida didn't seem to be in deep enough they did what they had to in the Supreme Court, this time only! with no precedent! Gore - considering his experience in those evil corridors - is to be blamed for being a babe in the woods. The huge, no loosey-goosey, corruption goes with the buddiedom. I recall that Bush seems to have taken Dad's defeat at his first run at the job and at Clinton's hand quite personally, as well as old Bad Ass's attempt to do away with dear old dad. So we have a primitive, automatic family vengeance streak [talking about clan fealty in Iraq!]. Schnaiberg is right about LBJ looking haunted, and the best thing to be said for LBJ, in that part of his career, is that he died of a broken heart. Yet he persisted in the huge criminal venture because he did not want to be known as soft on communism. I always thought that that was the heart of the country's problem as a whole: not the being soft on the mythical threat of communism, but being other directed. In that respect, Bush Fils, once the tide, as was to be expected, turned against him, has indeed remained admirably un-other-directed! Yet for the wrong reasons and under the wrong circumstances! If stupidity, according to Oedon von Horvarth, provides a foretaste of eternity, narcissistic compensations are a sure fire guarantee of stupefying the greatest intelligence.
It is said that Bush is dyslexic, a family feature, genetic one expects, which may explain the linguistic difficulties, just the way dear old dad pronounced the very word "innelectual", which I loved whenever I heard him say it. But Dad did have the sense of realism that accomplished criminals have, there may be an element of Oedipal competition there as many people claim.-
"Bomber" Bail

would look for "the mother's signature" and, I suspect, would find a lot of the horrors of the old warhorse transmitted intra-uterine. What would that man be, even with his prep-school and college and Harvard Bizschool degrees if lacking the genealogy of power? The grandiosity of born-againness? Well, apparently he shaped up under Laura's threat, I've known a lot of dissolute characters who did, which points to what can move the dirigible; that is, we need a better Laura! We need Margaret Thatcher! Indeed, he surrounds himself with no end of minor mirrors, e.g. that typical Mexican sycophant Gonzales, and Schnaiberg is right in pointing out what everyone has noticed: that Bush insecurities are over-powered by the likes of Cheney and Rumsfeld. However, in the trafficking of loyalties Bush remains to them as they have to him [as compared to the far more nimble Clinton!], and will only dispense with the loyal tinfoil once they have become entirely untenable, Rumsfeld, Miers, etc. Gonzales I expect; Busch would seem to be someone you could easily blackmail, what with his corrupt streak. Perhaps the whole presidency will unravel, since the US got into a country that is fragmenting perhaps that entire power warrior billionaire class will fragment, wishful thinking no doubt. Of course someone like Bush will believe a surge will do the trick, it appears in college he was one of these try and try again guys, not a bad thing really; however, sheer madness when your own troops, as of the git go, produced an insurrection and you fail to calculate that factor into the equation; the very notion that the US would be welcomed with open arms is a sign of narcissistic pathology; instead, we, I - a once G.I. occuppied, once pet of the OSS [1945-50] have the first instance I know where Iraqi children toss candy back at the GIs. Actually, Bush is incredibly lucky that the U.S. did this to a country riven by a thousand plus year old family feud. Very much like 19th century Indian wars, too; who figured out far too belatedly that their forever betrayer [Uncle Sam, the forever betrayer!] was using their differences to set them against each. If those religious factions ever put their difference aside, the Green Zone will turn into the Black Zone overnight. Everything the U.S did in Iraq and will do there went and will go wrong. "Democratization" [the modern version of conversion to Christianity] produced religiously based parties where there had been a secular state, etc.etc. That entire class of power-mongers belongs into Guantanomo for a good long time. They produced a really big dog that they can't get out of. Cheney is quite right, and perhaps all those who talked about WW IV knew it and wanted it all along; all that maneuvering in Congress is for peanuts type election advantage. Hell, Bush might as well wag a really big dog and attack Iran and get even deeper into the dog that he can't get out of, that will do him in, it will drive the price of Texas light medium sky high! Unfortunately the country and large parts of the world will go down. Then they can all "wait for Godot"... who will appear, surprise, surprise as a cool Chinaman!
Your geopolitical horned owl in the U-District.
Last nite, before going to sleep around midnight - outside my place there is a small pool of accumulated water around a stand of bushes, tall bushes, some of them trees; ducks love freshly accumulated water, it seems to free nutrients; the one duck there was periodically going into fluttering protesting hysterics; and a bird seemed to be swooping down on it - I saw an animal I took to be a medium sized Raccoon sitting about eight feet off the ground on the branch of one of these semi-trees, seemingly hugging it too, the way our branch of the Koalas does; I tried to shoo this coon away as the duck took flight from the noise of my exertion and the "raccoon, " a huge owl! took off after it! I looked up owls of the northwest... fits the description of a great horned... the size and the hornish fluff in its ears.


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